Thursday, March 10, 2011

Austin Pain Doctor Reviews

My Dear Dr. Yeh,

I did not hold a lot of hope for ever receiving any true relief  for my lower back pain
without daily drug therapy. I had suffered a neck injury that eventually required surgery and the recovery was long and painful and required daily pain medication and physical therapy I am self employed so this situation nearly bankrupted me. It took about 18 months after surgery to return to work. I never quite recovered financially from that ingury.

When I was injured these years later I was expecting about the same experience. I was sure this lower back injury would be the end of me financially and would have to be drugged every day to manage the pain. The thought of all this brought me to tears everyday.My chiropractor sent me to Dr. Yeh after months of treatment with little result. I WAS NOT OPTIMISTIC! I had consigned myself to living with this pain POSSIBLE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! I met with Dr.Yeh and he went right to work. The treatment that he recommended WORKED WITHIN A FEW DAYS and  relieved my pain by about 80%
I am now back to work full time.

Sandra C


They make me WANT to go to the doctor!!

by sharona nichols at Citysearch

i can't tell you how much i HATE going to the doctor...but i don't hate my doctor at all, i really liked her, but now i LOVE her because she referred me to Dr. Ostadian at Republic Spine & Pain.
i had let the pain in my lower back get unbearable because of my disdain for doctor's offices. i finally go see her and she thinks it's a pinched nerve, so she prescribes pain killers, muscle relaxers, and steroids. 2 days later i was even WORSE so i called my doc and she called Republic, then a VERY nice woman called me a few minutes later and said i should come in right away. seriously...they got me in to see Dr. Ostadian within an hour of my tearful call to my doctor.
He sent me for an MRI and his suspicions were correct, i had a herniated disc. the next day, he shot some sort of magic juice into my spine and HOLY WOW PEOPLE! i think i'm cured!! okay, it's only been a little over a week, and i go in for a follow up in a couple of days, and i know that i have to do physical therapy and take care of myself so that this doesn't happen again...but i just can NOT get over the fact that i went from not being able to walk, sit, or even lie down without excruciating pain shooting down my leg - to absolutely NO PAIN and back at work in less than two days of the steroid injection he gave me.
And the staff...they are unbelievably nice. i have never received such caring...well, CARE. On my first visit, this person i'd never met before was helping me walk to the exam room, and then she held my hand and helped me climb up on that stupid high exam table/bed thing because i told Dr. Ostadian that i could only stand or i would cry from the pain. And then the day of the procedure, Mona sat with me and went over everything so personally, that i forgot that i was just signing releases and stuff. The day after, Dr. O called me himself to check on me. Again, i am just blown away by the caring and compassion of the entire staff...i get a little emotional just thinking about it.
Pain is a big frikkin' deal, and these people care that you hurt, they do not treat you like a number or an insurance policy. i have never given 5 stars before, ever. but if you end up here, you will understand.
also, for the first time in my life, i'm looking forward to a visit to a doctor's office.


Absolutely Great

by kevincedarpark at Citysearch

We have been very pleased with the service we received from Dr Ostadian and his team.
I came to his office on November 16th with extreme pain in my neck and radiating down my left arm with my hand partially numb. He did some tests, indicated that he could help with some of the pain, but we needed to have an MRI done quickly because he was certain that there was something seriously wrong. The MRI was done yet that day and he received the results back late in the afternoon and the results were not good.
He contacted me that evening and had already consulted my situation with a surgeon and made arrangements for me to see the surgeon on Thursday. I had surgery on Friday November 19th in the afternoon and have been recovering since then.

Dr Ostadian and his team have been keeping track of my progress ever since. I would recommend the Republic Spine and Pain P.A to anyone needing to have pain relief.
Their hands on caring team was absolutely great.