Monday, November 8, 2010

Is your AUSTIN PAIN DOCTOR fellowship trained?

Picking your pain physician is an important part of the healing process.

Republic Spine and Pain is dedicated to increasing our understanding of pain,  armed with skills focused on this, many more patients will benefit today than was possible when more senior doctors started their medical careers.

The specialty practice of pain management evolved greatly, largely through advances in post-operative pain control overseen by anesthesiologists. The job of an anesthesiologist expanded from providing anesthesia during surgery, pain control for women in labor, trauma patients, and other types of cases.

Fellowship training is the highest level of training available for doctors in any given subspecialty of medicine.
For example, a doctor finishes medical school, then goes to do an internship and a residency. A fellowship is an optional, additional level of training that takes his or her expertise one step higher.

Fellowship training exposes the doctor to the most complex medical cases and advanced treatments for medicine in their specialty area. Its important to make sure your physician  is  fellowship trained,  but even more importantly where did they do their fellowship? All the physicians at Republic Spine and Pain did a fellowship an ACGME accredited university-based medical programs.

A fellowship is additional clinical training that a physician undertakes after completing a residency.
Dr Ostadian and Dr Yeh trained in  interventional, interdisciplinary, acute, chronic, and cancer pain management on an inpatient and outpatient basis.The primary site for training is the Eugene McDermott Center for Pain Management (Pain Center), a prominent endowed center at UT Southwestern.

We know Patients have a choice when it comes to medical care and we appreciate patients choosing Republic Spine and Pain.

Besides the medical training our physicians have, it is their caring bedside manner that attracts patients.
It's the time our doctors spend with each patient and the fact that each patient visit is ALWAYS with a physician.

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