Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Austin Pain Clinic - What Makes Us Different?

We're devoted exclusively to Austin Pain Management Patients.

Republic Spine and Pain  is devoted exclusively to advanced interventional pain management.

Our physicians offer patients a variety of interventional procedure options in an effort to avoid or reduce medication needs.  Minimally invasive procedures are beneficial in two ways:  First, interventions can be helpful in precisely identifying the source of the pain. Second, interventions can frequently provide long-term pain relief without surgery.

We utilize advanced imaging technology to ensure that pain relief is delivered precisely where patients need it most. If through the diagnosis process we determine that a patient needs a different treatment, we have a vast referral network to other preeminent specialists in Cedar Park, Round Rock & Austin. Our doctors may also refer you to other, non-physician specialists for additional care, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy or home health care. We will share information frequently with each of the other member team, to ensure that are all working together to provide you with the best possible relief of your pain.

Our Pain Management physicians and staff have many years of experience in caring for people struggling with chronic pain.  If you haven’t found success in managing your chronic pain, please consider calling Republic Pain ( 512 219 8787 ).

Referrals to Pain Management  are not generally required for office visits unless specified by your insurance company.

You don’t want to live in pain, and you don’t have to.
Please call us today.